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        Combined Financial Services was formed in 1960 by Dennis O'Malley. This full service insurance broker group offered coverage including life, health, disability, home and auto. Beginning as a one man show, Combined grew to over 200 agents.

       In 1990, the Property and Casualty division was sold to The Forrest Agency in Oak Park, IL.

Focusing solely on Life Insurance, Combined became Agency of the Year many times for Mutual Trust Life Insurance company.

      As growing confusion with our company and an employee voluntary benefit company operating with the same name, in 2013, Combined Financial Services decided to change it's name to PLATINUM Endowment, Retirement and Estate Planning.

    Operating Nationwide, PLATINUM currently provides service to our clients from Alaska to Florida.

Christopher O'Malley is the President and CEO and serves as the Global Head of the Leverage Group and is a Member of the Wealth Momentum Banking and Finance Group

Christopher O’Malley

Chris graduated from Marquette University with a Finance Major and an Education Minor. He has been

involved with financial services for over 35 years. His planning is focused solely on client’s best interest.

Before joining PLATINUM, for 23 years he was the Head Interest Rate Derivatives Order Execution Broker for many large Hedge Funds and Investment Banks with experience in both Futures and Options related to Foreign Exchange, Eurodollars, Equities and Oil.

With many partnerships across the country, Chris is a specialist in compound wealth accumulation and tax-free income. 

His practice focuses on representing individuals and corporations on a broad range of advisory and transactional benefit programs for tax free income, fixed income, tax shelters and health risk: Life Insurance, Annuities, Tax Shelters, Life Insurance, RMD’s, Long Term Care, Employee Benefits, Health, Medicare, and Premium Financing.

Currently his focus is on investments that outpace inflation and outpace the growing wealth gap.

His clients range from the City of Chicago to sole proprietor. In particular, Chris has helped many Federal Employees with their benefits, most notably their exit strategy and separation from service. In fact, his how to - TSP rollover video was on the TSP website for over 2 years.

He constantly confers with his mentors for the best products available for safe, liquid plans that create more momentum to your wealth. Specifically specializing in making your money more efficient, leveraging it to have more money working for you, reducing your taxes, and most importantly, keeping the money you have made. He will maximize what you have to get what you want. With focus on trying to 10X your Retirement Income and 20X your Estate.

His Estate Plans are designed to maximize generational wealth.

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