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Customer Testimonials

"Chris is an expert and very, very good at what he does. I had never seen anything like the Life Income Strategy before, but it was perfect for my partner and I. We now have a way to take significant money from the business, write it off, have the taxes paid, deposit grows safely at 1 -13%, and will provide lifetime TAX FREE income. YES! Chris is very good at explaining and listening. I also appreciate how we personally see him 4 to 5 times a year."

- A. Goldstein Co-Owner Genesis Electronics Recycling

"Before I worked with Chris I planned on working until they had to carry me out. My TSP is all the money I have and was scared to death about managing it. In fact it was all in high risk securities. After carefully explaining how the Annuity would protect and guarantee my money from any loss, and still get the market upside, I decided to rollover the TSP into my new Annuity. This Annuity will provide income that will increase each year the market goes up.

Well, I'm proud to say that Chris is very good at what he does and you should talk to him, and I have decided to retire Oct. 31, 2015. Thank you.

- M. Shibona Barlett, IL 

"I just wanted to drop a quick thank you note. After meeting with you I have decided to retire. The plan that you suggested to place my retirement account into the Legacy Annuity for the children and use my RMD's to purchase a Life Insurance plan to cover both Estate Tax issues and Long Term Care was brilliant. Thank you for tripling the money I will leave the kids."

- M. Magers Rankin, IL

" I wanted to work for two more years until age 62 to retire. With my second quadruple bypass surgery work was getting harder. Chris showed me how to retire today, and increase my income each year in retirement. I argued with him that this wasn't possible and I had to think about it. I went to visit my kids out West and came home 2 weeks later and retired! Chris I just want to thank you for everything.

Rodney F. "

" I am so glad I listened. It was hard to get a 28 year old kid to believe that this would work. Well it DID!! Getting closer to retirement in the next few years its exciting to know I will have an income $30,000 MORE than my current salary per year, and that doesn't even include the tax free income I could take from my two life insurance policies! Not bad for a teacher from a small private school with no union benefits.

Mike K."

" Chris thank you for helping me. I was very worried at age 59 that I hadn't started saving enough for my retirement. With the plan you got me I got an instant 10% bonus on my money and guaranteed annual interest with a feature to get all the market upside gains as well. Even if I never get more than the guaranteed rate, I know I will be able to retire at age 62. Thanks.

Steven H."

" Hey Chris, just a quick note of thanks. With the business revenue down, and having taken all my retirement money out I was extremely worried about retirement. The plan that you set up for me to put money away tax free, and write it off 100% was perfect. I can't afford to make these contributions for all my employees, so it's fantastic that I can do this only for myself. Everything in here is protected from creditors, which is very important. Down the road when I sell my business I can deposit the proceeds into this account for guaranteed tax free lifetime income. Awesome!

Mike G."

"Chris thank you for looking out for my best interest. Even though we rolled a small, old 401K to a new IRA, the bulk of my money you told me to keep where it is with another company. That this was best for me. I think it is very cool you are more about what is best for me. A year later you were right.

Lisa G."

"Thank you Mr. O'Malley. I had money in CD's that I am saving for the kids. What a terrible return. Thank you for the plan that I get 4% interest, dividends, and with a death benefit I will give my kids twice as much tax free. If I need some money I can always take some out, whenever I want. Which is exactly what I want. Thank you.

Dorothy H."

"Hi Chris, Thank you for helping me. I got so worried about my retirement account that I was always thinking about it. It kept me up at night. I don't like making financial decisions, but I don't like missing out making money more. Thank you for doing the work for me. Now with this plan I will never lose any money, and get all the market upside returns. My life is so much easier now knowing I don't have to always be watching my account.

Meeran H."

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